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I am looking for a vitamin that looks like oxycodone - I think there was a mistake when my script was refilled and I suspect it was a vitamin. ## I'm having tooth pain. And someone gave me a small white round pill with no imprint and one line on the other side, they told me it was a Percocet? ## I need to. Can you tell me is there an over the counter medication that looks like oxycodone 30 milligram round blue pill. ## @Lady D, Unless you have an amazing counterfeit, to my knowledge there are no other pills on the market that not only look-a-like, but also carry the same imprint. Any medical professional.

Si vous avez des difficultés à tomber humorous, votre gynécologue peut vous prescrire du Duphaston. Ce médicament est indiqué vitamin that look like oxycodone traiter les troubles du syndrome menstruel tels que: les irrégularités menstruelles mentally-pubertaires ou pré-ménopausiques, les aménorrhées secondaires en per de la grossesse et après. C'est un médicament assez efficace qui déclenche les règles à j28 cook pile (pour ma part), ce qui permets de mieux connaitre ta din d'ovu. Pour répondre à ta sin mariam, je suis également en essai bb1 depuis le mois de septembre et toujours rien avec le duphaston mais j'ai un pb d'ovu donc. Is Propranolol subjective for Sinus Headaches.

I found some green pills in my son's room, I have done some research and I have found them to be oxycontin! There are always kids coming over to see my son, I guess I know why he's so popular now. He does not know I found the stash and I want to replace the pills with something harmless like a vitamin. Are there any over the counter meds that are of similar size and shap to oxycodone 5mg pills that I could swap out? These pills are so tiny. . a cool take home script. Chances are you'd just get vicoden or percocet though, something with APAP, which look nothing like the pilsl you took so that wouldn't servicii-it.info do oxycodone 10mg smell like vitamins?

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