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I've been taking - 5mg of Buspar for weeks now and the side effects have pretty much dissipated. I have a friends birthday this weekend and I am wondering how long after taking a dose of Buspar is it safe to Drink Alcohol without interaction. Is it when it passes through the liver or when it leaves the. 2 Answers - Posted in: buspar, anxiety, panic disorder, alcohol - Answer: Alcohol may potentiate some of the side-effects of Buspar including.

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Hi, I just started taking Buspar a few days ago, 15 mg a day. And I don't drink a lot at all, maybe a glass of wine, or a cocktail once every couple weeks sometimes it's months so basically, just not that often. So what I'm wondering is, is it ok to have an occasional drink while taking this medication? Buspirone is a unique anxiolytic drug with established efficacy in the treatment of anxiety. In animals, buspirone has been shown to alter drinking preference from alcohol to water. The following study was conducted to evaluate the behavioral effects of buspirone in patients meeting the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of.

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