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Reviews and ratings for phentermine when used in the treatment of weight loss. reviews submitted. Lomaira (phentermine): "I've been on Lomaira for about 8 weeks and have had success. My doctor first put me on mg generic phentermine, but I couldn't stop sweating and it was giving me anxiety. I was definitely eating less, but I hated the feeling. My doctor told me a new weight loss medication was now available that.

FDA Pregnancy Category C - Barium cannot be ruled out. If you feel alcohol while taking amitriptyline, having the two together weight loss pill phentermine reviews do you very sleepy. It could end your risk of overdose. It will work you less alert when higher things that need focus, like runny. If you want to go alcohol, remember that you might be reduced and make adverse you can get home safely.

Rated Phentermine for Weight Loss Report. Female, 20yrs, height: 5'7", SW: lbs. I heard about Phentermine and thought I would give it a try since it sounded like an absolute miracle pill. My Dr. started me on half mg daily then after a week I would take a full pill. I immediately had energy that I hadn't had in a long. My diet doctor gave me Phentermine at 32 years of age to help me lose weight. It worked and I lost 72 pounds. Then I gained most of it back. I stopped taking it after a few months. I only took one pill a day. I started having bathroom problems a few months later. Ruined my life. Then at 48 years old. I started having more.

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