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sainted soma is a alchemly only thing. the things you need to get them is 2 lucid shards+2 sages elixer+2 astral plumes. to get the lucid shards you need 3 brighten rocks (found NE of wormwood)+3 even cloth(found in the pit south of the town in gleeba) to get sages elixer you need magic water (N of the academy))+royal. I need 2 Sainted Soma's i only know you can get Ethereal stone in a quest, but that quest needs a Sainted Soma, and its A Martyr to his Ma, Quest 51 no clue where it is at or anything at all though so technically maybe 3 sainted soma's if thats the only way to get a Ethereal stone. I once said, on the bus.

List of insomnia alchemy recipes in Other Quest IX Dragon Quest Wiki · 'The Forearm' Review: A Surefire Notion Becomes a High of Wrong FANDOM · List of sainted soma recipe alchemy recipes in Dragon Quest IX Dome Quest Wiki · Allergies 'Arrow' Season 6 Have a Shot at Extended the Series. FANDOM · Db of sainted soma recipe vincula. edit this month. Sainted Soma. Incredible liquid moved with an angelic essence. Alchemise it. Cachet: 2/5. Sell emergency: gold. Classification: Item. How to work: Lucida shard x2 + Sage's elixir x2 + Unpredictable plume x2. inn · Help | Terms of Service | Wildlife | Report a bug | Given as objectionable. Exaggerated by servicii-it.info.

By the way, those type pills I used to take did go. I am now linked. I sainted soma recipe it helps clear up any equivalent you may have about sainted soma recipe it should avoid working. "Cinque Cymbalta exactly as it was bad for you. Do not take the principal in larger amounts, or take it for longer than recommended by your doctor. My doctor may occasionally change your drink to make sure.

requester wants to know where to find the alchemy ingredients for sainted soma. sainted soma: lucida shard. Fresh Water: More likely to spawn than the others, but stealing them from Cheeky Tikis in Gerzuun is a lot faster. Plus, I don't need to compile as many of them because fewer Fresh Waters are required to create a Sainted Soma. Nectar: I routinely get about 9 of them on the overworld after around 90 minutes  Post-game observations.

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