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How can i lose weight while taking paxil

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My doctor told me that Paxil is a unique formulation that offers proven medical benefits for people with depression. Since I have problems with this disorder, he recommended me to use this drug. Although I have heard that Paxil gives you the powerful rel. I have been taking paxil for a few years, I love it!! but the weight gain has been making me very upset!!!!! Please help! My doctor only says "stay active" I feel that I am active. Can you tell me what your definition of "active" is? What supplements.

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Turns out you CAN lose weight while taking Paxil!! I have been on paroxetine for over a year now and I must admit that within eight months I did gain around 8 kgs. I blamed the medication for it constantly and was trolling the internet just confirming my sispiscions that it was in fact all the paxil and after reading SO many. Not I I was doing Body for Life with friends for 6 months. We worked out 6 days a week, ate the plan, etc. They looked fabulous & I didn't lose more than a pound or two. Weaned myself off Paxil slooooowly and have finally been able to lose the weight I gained while taking it. November 7, AM. 0.

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