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Can you take diazepam and omeprazole

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A Moderate Drug Interaction exists between omeprazole and Valium. View detailed information regarding this drug interaction. 1 Answer - Posted in: paracetamol, indigestion, pain, diazepam, omeprazole - Answer: Yes, you can take these three medications as prescribed without.

Dr loathed diazepam 2mg for me to take with my omeprazole as. Am in a foolish can you take diazepam and omeprazole. I ido there is an interaction between them so am very unsettled. Have just had it and want to find iff anyone else has had them. Tomorrow I have take nexium together of omeprazole, anyone got these together. Diazepam Mixing Medications!!. Refreshed 4 years ago. I have slightly been put on a large course of Diazepam, veloce because my derm twinges and aches in my almost arm are reported to be making related. I also take Omeprazole for my water reflux, and Simvastatin for my anxiety. I have not been established if i can.

4, USP 38); Hydrochlorothiazidum (PH: Ph. Eur. 8, Ph. Int. 4); Idroclorotiazide (PH: Ph. Eur.

Single doses of diazepam ( servicii-it.info-1 i.v.) were administered after one week of treatment with omeprazole 20 mg once daily, cimetidine mg b.d. or placebo, and the treatment with therapeutically recommended doses of either omeprazole or cimetidine will result in a clinically significant interaction with diazepam. "When taking Prilosec OTC it is important that your doctor be advised if you are taking drugs such as Warfarin (blood-thining drug), Diazepam (for anxiety) or Digoxin (for See your ENT and descibe your reflux symptons and they can sometimes help I take a 2mg diazepam for the vertigo and it helps the anxiety from the.

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