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Is levothyroxine sodium and thyroxine sodium same

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Levo and dextro denote the two different mirror images of drug molecules; often levothyroxine sodium, the drug used, is simply referred to as 'thyroxine', the name of the hormone produced by the thyroid gland, so on balance I'd say that wherever you read that it indicates the same thing. Views. Stick with one: Thyroxine sodium and levothyroxine are simply different forms of generic "synthroid". Neither is better than the other. Whichever form you take, stick with it. The bioavailability of each thyroid preparation is a little different. If you switch from one form to another, your thyroid numbers may change Read more.

Maintenance dose: 50 to mg respectively. The is levothyroxine sodium and thyroxine sodium same range of atenolol is found and increasing the dose beyond mg once again is not associated with increased antihypertensive therapy. Fertility of life or female rats (evaluated at dose levels as far as mgkgday or lice the maximum recommended human dose) was unaffected by atenolol. J Int Med Res. ;4(5) A nip of once daily tenormin (atenolol) in urine: some implications in patient compliance.

1 Answer - Posted in: synthroid, levothyroxine, sodium - Answer: Fortune31 NO and don't let anyone tell you different the brand name. Your body produces two types of thyroid hormones, triiodothyronine (abbreviated T3), and thyroxine (abbreviated T4). The thyroid gland produces more T4 than T3, but the T3 is more biologically active. T4 can be converted to T3 in order to provide the body with the more active thyroid hormone. Your body.

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