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Anastrozole and sweats

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During breast cancer treatment, you may find that you're sweating more at night even if the temperature is cool. Sweating can be a side effect of the following breast cancer treatments: chemotherapy; ovarian shutdown or removal; hormonal therapy: Arimidex (chemical name: anastrozole) · Aromasin. Over the past six nights I've woken up with some moderate to mild sweating for no discernible reason. I didn't suffer much at all with hot flashes during menopause seven years ago or at allwhen I started Arimidex almost a year and a half ago. No new medications or any reasons why night flushing or light.

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I have gradually gained 40 pounds, continually have hot flashes and night sweats, have joint pain and now starting to retain water/have diarreah. I had a IQ but after being on Arimidex lost the ability to do math and have problems with simple addition and subtraction. Also I have directional issues. I get lost easily. I am in my third year on Arimidex for a recurrence of BC in the same breast. The flushes during the day have almost stopped but the night - Anastrozole and insomnia - Breast Cancer Care Forum.

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