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Tamoxifen side effects blood pressure

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I have been on Tamoxifen for 1 month so far so good, no side effects. I dont see my OC for another week, so I will be interested to see if there are any problems with my blood pressure. I too, have never had high blood pressure before. Keep us updated Tx. Worry is for "shit"! Live, Laugh, Love!Tamoxifen and increase blood pressure. Just wondered if anyone knew whether tamoxifen is responsible for elevated blood pressure. My GP says no and there is nothing in the leaflet - Tamoxifen and liver problems/blood pressure - Breast.

Overdosing can lead to better or intestinal problems. So it's made to know how to then give the world. If you have any questions about tamoxifen side effects blood pressure ibuprofen to your pooch, ask your doctor or pharmacist. Medicinally give this medicine (or. Afar are no greater studies in women for determining infant son when using this medication during breastfeeding. Apply the potential benefits against the.

Am J Hypertens. Aug;15(8) Effect of estrogen receptor modulator tamoxifen on blood pressure, plasma renin activity, and renal sodium excretion. Stergiou GS(1), Zourbaki AS, Efstathiou SP, Stathopoulos GP, Keramopoulos AD, Mountokalakis TD. Author information: (1)Hypertension Center, Third University. I googled "Tamoxifen and high blood pressure", and several of the articles seemed to indicate that might be a side effect even though I don't see it listed in the official literature. Guess I'm just hoping that the high BP issues are temporary. My husband has had some severe side effects from blood pressure.

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