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I started Accutane last month. Is my acne severe? No. Have I, literally, tried everything on the market? Yes. Which is why my doctor put me on it. What the dermatologist you saw did, did so responsibly. Instead of exposing you to severe health effects, they want to try other things first. Remember, you and  How to convince my derm. To prescribe me Accutane? My impression of Accutane (it was offered to me, but I decided that mine is really not bad enough to need it. A topical antibiotic does the trick) is that it's for severe acne, not "I get some zits occasionally, so I want this wicked strong prescription". I doubt that you'll get your doctor to prescribe it.

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I switched to a new dermatologist in late March, who prescribed me retin-A/tretinoin, aczone/dapsone, and minocycline. Previously I had tried The doctor told me to stay on the same prescription and come back in three months, but come earlier if my skin gets worse. I asked if accutane was an option and. After numerous ineffective courses of oral antibiotics for the treatment of acne & also Rosacea (which I developed roughly 8 moths ago), my GP referred me to an NHS dermatologist. Today (after an 2 month wait) I received a letter in notification of an appointment to see a dermatologist this Thursday. I hope.

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