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Is it ok to snort tramadol

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Because of the seriousness of adverse effects, it's not safe to snort Tramadol. But just so that you know, the FDA recommends no more than mg of the medication per day, split into mg doses every hours. Higher doses run the risk of overdose or seizures. Elderly patients and those suffering. I looked into this before for quite a long time and have heard absolutely nothing good about tramadol insufflation. Bypassing 1st pass metabolism perhaps (if snorting it does bypass like say a benzo would) is undesirable with Tramadol as less is going to be converted to M1. I don't even see a mechanism as  Snorting - - There is a gain from snorting tramadol!!!

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Tramadol, an opioid painkiller, can cause extremely harmful effects when abused, such as by snorting. to snort it effectively disables the extended-release mechanism, which allows the high doses to be absorbed in a shorter-than-intended amount of time, potentially resulting in a more intense—and dangerous—high 7. I wouldn't snort it. Never tried and never will because of people telling me how bad it burned. Plus I don't think there is anyway it would help to snort it rather than just take it orally (i.e quicker onset to a drug that doesn't produce a crazy amount of euphoria isn't really worth the burn).(opioids) snorting tramadol.

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