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Colace (docusate) Dulcolax (Bisacodyl) works fast and the suppositories work even faster to relieve your constipation, as long as you're okay with it "cramping" your style a bit. Colace (docusate) softens the stool, but may not stimulate a bowel movement as quickly as a laxative. Dulcolax vs colace - What's best-- colace (docusate sodium) and dulcolax? Colace (docusate sodium) Colace (docusate sodium) is better for everyday control of constipation. Dulcolax is an irritative laxative.

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Ok ladies its the good old constipation question again. I was told by many women that either one works. So I started with Dulcolax. Its so so as far as relieving constipation. However since its not as effective now servicii-it.infon of using Colace. Please share your insight and experience. Which do you prefer? Colace vs. Dulcolax. Colace are stool softener capsules prescribed by a doctor to treat constipation. The Docusate sodium found in colace, allows water and fats to be solved into the stool making it easy to pass. This ingredient is also important in preventing constipation, irritable bowel syndrome or multiple.

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