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Digoxin toxicity and digibind

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DIGIBIND (digoxin immune fab), Digoxin Immune Fab (Ovine), is indicated for treatment of potentially life-threatening digoxin intoxication.3 Although designed specifically to treat life-threatening digoxin overdose, it has also been used successfully to treat life-threatening digitoxin overdose.3 Since human experience is. Acute toxicity is potentially lethal and digibind is indicated when: cardiac arrest; life-threatening dysrhythmia; K >5mM; >10mg ingested (adult), >4mg ingested (child); >15 nM level (>12ng/mL). Chronic digoxin toxicity is diagnosed probabilistically on the basis of the serum digoxin level, the renal function and clinical features.

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Digibind is the trade name for a digoxin antidote containing Digoxin-specific antibody Fab fragments; there is often a reluctance to give digibind due to cost and underestimating the mortality associated with digoxin toxicity, however it is prudent to administer digibind based on a considered risk assessment and before the. Dawley rats in equimolar doses sufficient to neutralize a 1 mg/kg dose of digoxin. In these studies, the physiologic changes produced by toxic serum concentrations of digoxin were ameliorated rapidly by the administration of DigiFab, or another ovine digoxin-specific immune Fab, Digibind. ®.

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