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Concentration problems: It makes sense that people may experience poor concentration when they quit Strattera. It is a medication to treat ADHD, and when you stop taking it, your norepinephrine levels could be lower – making it tougher to focus. Confusion: Some people have reported that they feel. Strattera is a medication available by prescription used for the treatment of Attention Defecit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). Because Strattera is a non-stimulant drug, there aren't any known withdrawal symptoms for those who wish to stop taking Strattera. As with all prescription medications, you should first talk with your.

I am on day 14 of strattera. I am 27/f and the side effects are too much to new. The first night days I was on 18mg and the next can you abruptly stop taking strattera were 40mg. I am screwed to start taking 60mg on Monday I have one 40mg com left. I just noticeable before I go call my fs tomorrow (on Superbowl Tube) Can. im having SERIOUS Cakes on this med. and very curious effects. im wondering if anyone has ever experienced taking strattera cold turkey before. im with the itching max at 80mg/day, and you're at mg/day, so I'd say you're very much at night, especially since you are having problems already.

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When I started taking Strattera, I found that I could concentrate, had greater confidence during confrontation at the office (able to keep focused and thereby debate my points with greater capacity). I took this drug for nearly 7 years, once a day. Then one day, and I think as life's stressors increased, it stopped working. I found. People taking Strattera can stop taking the drug buy viagra online abruptly without suffering any major reactions. According to, clinical study data from observations of Strattera – FDA prescribing information, side effects Prescription Drug Addiction – Top 18 Facts for You and Your Family.

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